CALLING ALL! Wee-Warriors

Wee-Warriors! Our Wee-Warriors are those children ages 1 to 4 that live within the West Branch boundaries that someday we will have in our classes.  It is a program in which we are trying to build the child’s literacy (books, poems, songs, etc.)  as well as start building a positive relationship with their families (giving tips, introduction to our school early on, etc.).

One event I already have planned this year are toddler birthday parties.  I will be having 4 of them (seasonally) at the school.  Fall birthday party will be in October, winter birthday party in January, spring birthday party in March, and summer birthday party in May.  The birthday party will include cake & ice cream, a wrapped present (book), and a literacy activity/craft.

We look forward to meeting our wee-warriors as well building a strong relationship among you, the families as well!

If you have a 1-4 year old at home, that lives within the district, you can either email with the following information or fill out the bottom of this page and return it to the Elementary Office.

     1) Child’s Name
     2) Parent Names
     3) Child Birthday
     4) Email Address
     5) Mailing Address

     6) Known Allergies


Mrs. White